Happy Birthday Betty, Love You!
~ Sally Klein

Dear Betty, I am so happy for you. You are a dedicated advocate and greatly deserve this honor.
Love, Alyce Spector

Your life accomplishments are many, equal to the respect and friendships you gathered during your years.  You deserve only the best.
~ Jack and Debbie Jurasits

Dearest Betty … Your kindness, dedication, and inspiration have touched so many of us. I am blessed to call you a friend. 
~ Donna Anderson, On-line Publishers, Inc.

Thank you, Betty for the many years of dedicated service. You are a true asset to the Homeland Center Organization.
~ Martin M . Sacks and Associates, CPAs

Congratulations Betty, this is a well-deserved honor!
All the best, Brad & Sue Newman

We appreciate your support of our Jewish community and thank you for your extraordinary kindness to my parents!
~ Maggie Grotzinger and Mark Glick

Congratulations from the Lebanon Valley College community. Betty, you are beloved for everything you do for your alma mater, Homeland and society.

You may think Betty is petite in stature, but she has a Universe inside her mind. Never underestimate the power of Betty!
Don and Barbara Schell

Congratulations to Betty!  Kind, talented, focused, dedicated and one of a kind.  Wishing you the best! From John and Abby Tierney and your friends at the Midtown Cinema

Congratulations Betty on an outstanding career of service to HOMELAND and the Central Pennsylvania community.
~ Ken and Karen Lehman

Congratulations Homeland on your 155th anniversary, and a Special Thank You to Betty – you are an amazing person!”
~ Brown & Brown of Pennsylvania, LP

Betty and Homeland, you are gems in our community! We are grateful for our relationship. It is a joy to celebrate with you!
~ Jason & Keri at PRworks

Penn State Harrisburg congratulates Homeland Center on 155 years of service to central Pennsylvania and our shared commitment to the well being of our citizens.
~ Penn State Harrisburg Office of the Chancellor

What an inspiration Betty is to women of all ages to fulfill their dreams and live life to its fullest. Thank you for your commitment to Homeland and the community.
~ Janet and David Young

A hearty Mazel Tov to Harrisburg’s Force of Nature, Betty Hungerford.
With Love, Ed and Esther Beck

Brilliant of mind, compassionate, persistent, dedicated, purposeful, leader, soul aware, pursuer of justice and peace – equals Betty Hungerford.
~ Rabbi Hava L. Pell and Michael H. Kline

Dearest Betty, with much gratitude for your help with my mother and with the utmost admiration for all you do. Blessed to know you!
~ Raymond J. Davis

Look up “treasure” in the dictionary and there’s her picture. You’re one of the greats, Betty Hungerford. Thank you!
~ Julie Sherman & Marty Rogoff

Front page news! Betty Hungerford has been making headlines throughout her career as a champion of our community. We’re honored to help tell her story.
~ PA Media Group

I lift my glass to Betty. Here’s to a woman of grace, determination, warmth, empathy, intelligence, endless energy and optimism. We are all blessed.
~ Todd Lindsley

Our congratulations and admiration to Betty Hungerford and to Homeland on your 155th Anniversary.
~ Neysa and Mark Maisel

Congratulations to Homeland Center on its 155th anniversary, and to Betty Hungerford for her many years of service to the community.
~ BNY Mellon Wealth Management

The Mary Sachs Charitable Trust Congratulates Betty Hungerford on Her Many Years of Selfless Work for Our Community.

Betty is tiny but mighty, and her work has been one long teachable moment about love and service. Thank you, Betty, for inspiring us all!
~ Diane McNaughton

Congratulations to Betty on this honor and to Homeland on its 155th Anniversary.
~ Marilynn and Richard Abrams

In honor of my sister, Janet Rittner Young, Homeland Center Board of Managers.
~ Kathleen A. Rittner

You are a special lady and a great friend. You do so much, for so many, so well!! You’re the best!
~ Marty and Sheri

A special tribute and thank you to Betty Hungerford for her commitment and dedication to Homeland Center and the Harrisburg community.
~ Nancy and George Hull

Congratulations Betty and thank you for giving so much of yourself, to so many, for so long. You represent the best in our society and are deserving of this honor.
~ M&T Bank

Betty is kind, tireless, intelligent, beautiful, and dedicated. Proud graduate and supporter of Lebanon Valley College and of many other organizations. Thank you!
~ Mette, Evans & Woodside

This is a well-deserved recognition of one of Harrisburg’s great ladies. Congratulations Betty.
~ The Forman Family

Betty, thank you for all you have done for Homeland and its residents.
~ Dennis and Sandra Dinger

In honor of Betty Hungerford who sweetens the life of everyone she encounters and teaches us the true meaning of graciousness.
~ Bill and Sherry Stout

Betty is truly a community gem. Betty – you are a friend, mentor and an inspiration. Thanks for everything that you do.
~ Jenn Ross

Congratulations to Homeland for 155 years of service and to Betty Hungerford for her unquestionable commitment to making the world a better place. Betty, we love you!
~ Sam Levine and Irene Berman-Levine

Betty, you are such an inspiration for everyone in this organization. Your tenacity, hard work, and dedication are something we can all learn from.
~ Cathy Whiteside

Congratulations to our wonderful Aunt Betty on this tremendous honor.
With our love and gratitude, Matthew, Tami, Micaela and Louis Shulman

Congratulations, Betty! Thank you for being a true example to the Intrada team of what it means to practice service above self. Your love of the community and Homeland is unparalleled.
~ Intrada Technologies

On Homeland’s Anniversary, Mountz Jewelers praises Betty for her commitment to our aging community who are blessed to receive vital services with such great care.
~ Mountz Jewelers

Thank you Betty Hungerford, the original “Queen B,” for your many years of extraordinary service to the community.
~ From all your friends at Capital Blue Cross

Alexander Building Construction is proud to honor Betty Hungerford and support Homeland Center that has done so much for so many over its long history.
~ Alexander Building Construction